For years, the tiny-and-nearly-indestructible GoPro HERO and HERO2 have been the industry standard for any extreme athlete wanting to capture the epicness of whatever wave, trail, mountain, black diamond run, or dive they happen to be conquering. Now, the new HERO3 does it in a smaller, lighter, more powerful package.

Able to survive whatever punishment you can throw at it, the HERO3 is available in three editions: Black ($399.99), Silver ($299.99) and White ($199.99), the HERO3 is 30% smaller and 25% lighter than the last model, so you won't even notice it (and it won't throw off your balance), when it's strapped to your helmet, board or skis.

And with built-in WiFi, the camera communicates with the free GoPro app, which allows you to control the cam from your iPhone without having to fumble for buttons while the HERO3 is locked in place and out of reach; on your helmet for instance. You can also buy a WiFi remote (included with the Black edition) that'll do the same thing, in case you don't tend to carry your phone in your pocket when bombing down a mountain or taking on some Class 4 white water.

Don't know which edition is for you? If you're a videophile or plan on having your video screened in a multiplex, go for the Black. You'll get full, cinema quality resolution, 12MP stills, and the ability to shoot pictures and video at the same time. Silver is great for capturing all the action in 1080p resolution, with 11MP pics; perfect for viewing on your flatscreen at home. If you're a budget action star, go for the White. It'll capture all your exploits just fine, at a price that won't break your adventure budget.