Grandmothers, like ping pong, are loads of fun, so you'd expect a fun overload when nana grabs a paddle and starts bashing, right? Wrong.

This Vine is called "Grandma Loves Ping Pong." It should probably be called "Grandma Loves Ping Pong, But Ping Pong Does Not Love Grandma," though, because she takes a serious tumble tracking down a ball in the frontcourt, which just so happens to be right near a cabinet. We give her credit for trying to make a great shot as she strives to becomes a great ping pong player.

Yes, it's scary watching this, but you know part of you chuckled. And there's another part of you that's probably like, "Who sets up a makeshift ping pong table on a dining room table where there's breakable stuff within arm's reach?" You're kind of just asking for trouble.

Maybe when her injuries heal and she's off the disabled list, grandma can try that foosball table set up next to grandpa's working electric saw. Or maybe she can play this kid and use her wisdom to teach him about sportsmanship.