A grandfather may be a lot of things, but a good wingman is not one of them that come to mind right away.

In this video, we see that maybe, just maybe, a grandpa can be an ideal wingman.

A grandpa decides to help his grandson in the art of picking up ladies with a dry run as a wingman, that's kind of peculiar.

It may be well intentioned, but we actually think it's a little bit creepy. Talking to Grandpa about hooking up is about as natural as talking to Grandma about menopause (and let's not forget how weird it is that what we assume is the man's grandmother appears in this as a bartender, complaining that Gramps is cockblocking. Weird!).

Plus, you've got a wide range of ages on display here and we're actually a little too distracted trying to figure out where Grandpa's shirt ends and the wallpaper begins to focus on how he's doing.