This holiday season give the gift every man needs. Actually, give the gift for every man's needs. Even grandpa's.

Pornhub has put out this brilliant commercial to let people know they can buy gift cards for its Premium service.

This is one gift that will definitely stick with you (or on you).

If the ad is to be believed, you can give the gift cards to ANYONE, including your grandpa, which, takes some real chutzpah to do. Sometimes, it's better to stick to the script and give him a box of Polident or a gift card for Shoney's that he can use for the early bird special. But in case you have a real-life dirty grandpa, this may be for you.

About the only way you can be more shocking is if you gave a Pornhub gift card to your grandma. That might just be gateway behavior for her. Before you know it, she's heading out to the strip club and instead of mailing you $5 bills on your birthday, she's ringing your bell and slipping it in your underpants. How's that for a visual?

Merry XMas, everyone. Or, in grandpa's case, Merry XXXMas.