What's the worst thing that a groomsman can do at a wedding? Get drunk and make a toast where he talks about the groom's conquests?

As it turns out, this may be the worst thing.

This groomsman was amped up when he strolled into the reception with a bridesmaid, as is custom. He was so fired up, in fact, he did a backflip and knocked the bridesmaid over on the dance floor while everyone watched.

So not cool, dude. This is absolutely the wrong way to try and score with a bridesmaid.

You can see he's got something up his sleeve when he takes off his coat. He's ready to put on a show that will go down in history. And he delivers. Just not in the right way.

That poor bridesmaid. She spent all that money on a dress, dutifully stood by the bride while she probably freaked out about important things like centerpieces and this is her reward. Life's just so unfair, right?