A new house? Pay off student loans? If that's what you'd do if you won the lottery, this guy doesn't want anything to do with you.

While doing a TV interview about what he'd do if he won the Powerball, this guy -- correction, this hero -- pulled no punches.

Not to be Debbie Downer over here, but somebody really ought to step in and urge him to at least set a little bit aside for a financial adviser, if for no other reason than someone can offer sound advice to make the coke and street walkers last even longer.

No one won the most recent Powerball drawing for a cool $524 million, so this modern-day Jordan Belfort can still cling to the dream.

Here's the drawing from Wednesday night.

The next drawing is slated for Saturday and is expected to fetch $675 million, a record amount of money, which means this guy could go all Charlie Sheen, cure whatever disease he contracts and then spend money inventing an entirely new drug to keep him high when the cocaine stops being fun.