Look, getting towed sucks. We know. But that doesn't mean you should lose your damn mind. If the tow truck already has your car raised up, it's too late. Game over. Just call a cab and meet the guy at the impound lot.

That is not, however, what this fool did. Presumably out of utter desperation, he got into his car and tried to drive away while his trunk was 10 feet in the air. The hell are you thinking, man? The battle is lost. You just look like a crazy person.

He tries everything. You can see him frantically spinning the steering wheel (why?), slamming on the gas (again, why?), he even appears to throw it in reverse at one point, which ... what? Even if that somehow worked, how exactly would it work out well?

Again, we understand how much it sucks when your car gets towed. It's a pain in the ass, it's expensive, it's massively frustrating. But come on, man, you gotta realize that sometimes you're just f***ed. Go to the bar, have a shot and a beer. It's not like you're driving home anyway.

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