This week Richmond, VA was named #2 on the list of 'Least Sexy Destinations in America.' This is just not possible; clearly Miss Travel has never been to GWAR-BQ.

Described as a summer slaughter-fest of booze, bands, BBQ, events, water park, raffles, giveaways, guest celebrities, and more, GWAR-BQ 2013 will be held on August 17th, from 11-7 at Hadad's Lake: the grossest, most awesome and confusing water...park? I've ever been to. I'm in this video, but I'm not helping to incriminate myself by telling you where:

Is it a pool? Sure looks like a pool from the outside. Is it a lake? There's sand and mud on the bottom, instead of concrete. Is it a toilet? The water is the opaque blue of tidy bowl, and you can't see your own legs beneath the surface.

GWAR-BQ replaced Best Friends Day (which was retired last year), and they both pretty much go like this: everyone gets drunk and naked and goes swimming, and there is a rope swing and inflateables to bounce on, while naked, while listening to punk rock bands play. Nope, Richmond isn't sexy at all.


Best part? The whole thing is a fundraiser for the nonprofit Ring Dog Rescue, because "Gwar hates humans but loves Pit Bulls."  $25 gets you an all-day pass to the 4th annual event, but $35 gets you the pass plus a commemorative t-shirt. I can't recommend that option enough; you will want to remember this day.

Take it back, Miss Travel.

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