We have seen the future and it looks wet. Not that kind of wet, though.

In this clip for TechnoMarine watches, we follow singletons at a graphically designed underwater nightclub, where you can bump up against chicks in bikinis and shoot darts. Not at sharks, though. This club is located is New York City's filthy (and that's being generous) Hudson River but subterranean fun never looked so good.

Since this is a watch ad, you can also tell time, which is crucial since you want to know when last call is.

This clever vid is meant to depict what the future of nightlife will be like. While those massive, astronaut like helmets are like the equivalent of huge beer goggles that obscure the face a bit, the fact that the ladies are clad in bikinis makes it a bit more enticing, no?

While the overarching concept suggests that everything, not just being able to tell time, will be done underwater in the future, we can't help but be a little scared of hooking up under the surface. You might end up getting a whole different kind of crabs.

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