The Harlem Shake is the Lindsay Lohan of dance moves: incredibly easy, kinda dumb, and everybody's doing it.

Following the Dougie and 'Call me Maybe' into the deluge of we-have-to-make-a-video-this-will-be-so-funny amateur cam homages, it seems the whole world is Shaking—from firefighters, soldiers, and news teams, to half the population of Portland, and white guys excited they can finally master a dance move. Now you can add Playboy Playmates to that list of Shakers.

Their version takes place during a lingerie photo shoot that suddenly turns into a slightly surreal Harlem Shake-off. And calm down before you click… there's no nudity. None. (Unless you count the shirtless guy inexplicably riding a bike around the shoot.) All the Playmates are Shaking in their bunny costumes. Well, more like "jiggling."

We're still trying to figure out why the girls aren't completely freaked out by the guy standing on a box in a motorcycle helmet having a Harlem seizure in the corner before the dance even begins. Or why the shirtless bike guy is wearing a fox head. Could be to distract us from the fact that not one of these Playmates shakes out of her costume. Your move Penthouse Pets.

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