With the weather starting to get cold out there, we're going to be putting away our Coronas, Bud Lights with lime and fruit-tinged Heifeweizens in search for heartier beers that will keep us warm in the cold.

Hearty in the sense that they're strong and hearty and hold up against rich, cold-weather foods. But we'll spare you from 100% guaranteed hangover-causers like Steel Reserve and oh-so-classy malt beverages of the 40 oz. varietal, so crack open a cold one and check out some of our top picks.

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    10x stronger than the average beer, Scottish-bred Brewmeister Brewery packs a whopping 65% alcohol into Armageddon, their newest elixir. It's an expensive one at around $127 per bottle, but it’s also meant for sipping and sharing, rather than filling up a frosty mug and chugging away.

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    Thick, foamy and bitter, yet creamy and smooth, Guinness is a dry stout loved by many for its bubbly head, full flavor and rich color. Its goes great with Irish meat pies and delicious stick-to-your-bones stews and even contains antioxidants, to boot.

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    Corsendonk Christmas Ale

    Corsendonk's Christmas Ale blends the flavors of gingerbread and anise together for a hint of sweetness and a spice-depth great for wintry days spent around the fire. And at 8.5% alcohol, it's not for light-weights.

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    Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock

    One of Sam Adams' Winter Classics, Chocolate Bock is a staunch, 237 calorie-per-bottle beer that's all about imparting the bitter, earthy flavor of roasted cocoa nibs into its dark, full-bodied maltiness for maximum satisfaction. It produces a dark chocolate, toffee flavor that goes well alongside beef short ribs. And hey, while you're at it you may as well beer-braise the short ribs with your Chocolate Bock before eating them.

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    New Belgium Snow Day

    The crisp finish of Snow Day is preceded by its flavor profile which ranges from bitter chocolate, subtle caramel, toasted bread and sour grapefruit all within the same sip. This pleasantly hoppy, deep amber beer clocks in at a respectable 6.2% ABV. New Belgium Brewing Company recommends pairing Snow Day with rosemary and garlic roast beef sandwiches on pumpernickel bread. Sounds delicious to us.

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    Autumn Maple Ale

    Perfect for an invigorating Fall day, The Bruery's Autumn Maple is a different take on the classic ‘pumpkin ale’. Instead, it’s brewed with sweet potatoes, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla, molasses and maple syrup resulting in a strong, heavily-spiced beer that hits a striking 10% ABV and tastes of the sweeter notes of Thanksgiving.

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    Goose Island Pepe Nero

    Black malt and peppercorn combine for a surprisingly not-bitter taste of cloves, barley and malt in this creamy, toasty, dark mahogany farmhouse ale. Pepe Nero holds up well with strong cheeses and curry dishes. You should drink this bad boy out of a chalice.

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