Getting out of bed in the morning is like flossing -- it's a huge pain, but it's gotta be done.

If you can't muster the energy to do it, relax, because the help you need has arrived.

Introducing the High Voltage Ejector Bed, which doesn't help you get out of bed as much as it throws you out of bed like a bouncer kicking out some riff raff.

The bed essentially treats you like a human slingshot, which you may need after a long night pounding beers. We especially like the feature that helps you get dressed. If you're one of those people who needs some time to get your bearings in the morning, this is the contraption for you. Well, it is at least until you get slammed against the wall and suffer a black eye and a busted rib.

If you want to know just how this bed is made, you're in luck. Watch the video below to get all that knowledge.