Nothing says America like singing along to the radio in the car.

Nothing says millennial hipsters quite like doing that while recording the scene with a selfie stick.

And nothing says karma like spinning out while it all happens.

Check out the quartet in this somewhat NSFW video, which is happily belting out “Baby Come Back” by Player and capturing it all via selfie stick. They have about as many cares in the world as that guy with the bushy beard in the backseat has razors – none. Seriously, he could fit a selfie stick in that beard if needed.

Everything is hunky dory for these youthful, granola-loving, happy-go-lucky 20-somethings when disaster strikes: a tire blows and they spin out.

You have to love that right after they determine everyone is okay, one of the girls actually says, “Alright, we’re not posting that video.” It’s great that’s so high up on the list of concerns and also the fact that, you know, they did post it.

We also love the Blair Witch-type banter at the end when someone asks, “Is that yours? How did that get out of the car?” What are they talking about? We’re so intrigued. We need to know.

We're going to try and figure it out, but before we do, we need to stop and listen to this because it's now completely stuck in our heads.