Season 2 of 'Homeland' ended with a bang. Literally. What's in store for season 3 when it premieres on September 29, 2013 on Showtime? With the massive explosion that took out numerous government officials, Brody has become a recognized terrorist who will be hunted by every agency in the country throughout the new season of 'Homeland.'

Here is the official synopsis for the pending season -- "'Homeland’ season 3 will pick up in the aftermath of the horrific terrorist attack that decimated the US intelligence apparatus, and prompted a global manhunt for the world’s most wanted terrorist — Nick Brody."

Here's what we were able to find out about the upcoming season of 'Homeland.'

  • Dana May Be Even More Annoying This Season


    Let's get the answer everyone is wondering about season 3 of 'Homeland' out of the way first: yes, Dana will be back. E! News interviewed Morena Baccarin, who plays Dana's mom, and here's a quote from the interview “Brody's (former) wife tells us to expect some exciting stories with her daughter, Dana, ones that include some ‘crying.’ Hopefully no more hit and run plots."

    Great, not only is Dana still around, she doing even more crying.

  • An Attorney Has Been Cast for Carrie


    It looks like Carrie is in quite a bit of legal trouble in season 3 of 'Homeland.' TVline reports that Amy Morton, from 'Boss,' has been cast as her attorney and will be a recurring character throughout the season. With Brody on the run, it's quite possible that Carrie could be considered as part of the terrorist attack that ended season 2 and put her in a more difficult situation than anything she's faced so far.

  • The Attack at the End of Season 2 Was an Inside Job


    In an interview with ABC News, co-creator Alex Gansa had this to say:

    "The issue in this season is, what happens if it were learned that a major attack on the United States was sponsored by a state? These are the big concerns that we're going to deal with in the first sweep of episodes," Gansa said. "And then there's the big question about, you know, where Brody is?"

    With Abu Nazir out of the picture was this attack meant to incriminate Brody or was Brody behind it working for inside sources? Hopefully we'll have answers to these questions early in season 3 of 'Homeland.'

  • We Won't Be Seeing As Much of Brody This Season


    According to the LA Times, since Brody is the most wanted man in the country, he's going to be doing a lot of hiding, which means we won't be seeing as much of him on 'Homeland' in season 3.

    "He is the most wanted man on the planet. By definition, he's going to be hiding somewhere. And if he's hiding, that limits what he can do,"

    If the focus of the season isn't on Brody, does that mean Carrie is going to take on the brunt of the blame? It definitely appears as though the government believes she was involved, especially with her attorney playing a major role this season.

  • Brody and Carrie Are 'Over'

    If you thought Carrie was alone before, check out this quick interview with Damian Lewis about season 3. The interview shows how far Carrie has fallen.

    'Homeland' will premiere on September 29, 2013 on Showtime.

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