It can be difficult to find the right Valentine's Day card to express your feelings and show off your sensibilities. Luckily, fans of 'Homeland' needn't look further than these amazing cards inspired by the show.
Could your love for that special someone be described as zealous? Maybe intense enough to register on the terrorist threat level chart? Or do they give you such crazy feelings that you often wind up with a serious case of Claire Danes cry-face? Then you're in luck because these awesome cards created by The Directors were made just for you.

'Homeland' junkies rejoice! There is finally a card for you to give to your special someone on V-Day to say, "Hey, I love you so much that it makes me crazy and possibly in need of medication, and also I really love this critically-acclaimed television series."

There is the traditional Claire Danes cry-face with the phrase, "You drive me crazy" -- sure to be a basic necessity and kind of obvious. But there are also some great gems like a photo of Abu Nazir surrounded by a heart that says, "I like to play hard to get." Get it? Because he's the most evasive and deadly terrorist!

The cards are filled with excellent pun-work, like Brody in his suicide bomber vest from season one accompanied by "You're the bomb!" Let's just hope that unlike Brody, you can be counted on to commit when it counts. If you're looking for something more current, there's a picture of Vice President Walden with "You make my heart stop," a nod to that time that Brody literally made Walden's heart stop -- just maybe don't take things that far with your loved person of choice.

And if you're going for something a little more wacky and maybe platonic, you can always get the Dana card stamped with "Terrorist," which is hilarious because everyone knows that teenagers are the real threat, or something.

Check out more 'Homeland' Valentine's cards below:

Homeland Valentine's Cards 3
The Directors
Homeland Valentine's Cards 2
The Directors

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