Being a beauty pageant contestant isn't all traipsing around in a bikini and making sure you get your words right so you don't sound like a complete buffoon.

The hopefuls vying for the Miss Universe title recently underwent a grueling test of their pageanting (is that even a word?) skills when they drove golf balls while dolled up in evening gowns and high heels.

Because that's something they will definitely need to know how to do if they win the crown.

The ladies channeled their inner Phil Mickelson at the Red Tiger golf course at Trump International Doral Miami because clearly Donald Trump thinks this is the type of publicity they need. Frankly, though, we're surprised he didn't make them wear bikinis and drag them to a mini golf course where they had to whack the ball through the windmill or else they'd be booted from the competition.

The new Miss Universe will be crowned on January 25. Hope her golf swing is up to par.