Aside from baseball, apple pie and big-screen TVs, there may be nothing more American than a bachelor party. You and all your friends, your friends’ friends and maybe a donkey or two all congregate to spread the ashes of your single life.

And while you may be leaving bachelorhood behind, what you may not realize is those same friends who are populating this stagfest may also remain in the kicked-up dust you see in your rearview mirror.

Sad, right? Yes. But also kind of true.

At first, you may continue to see your buddies. But time marches on and life changes -- not just for you, but for the roster of attendees at the bachelor party. Work somehow seems to take up more time, someone moves out of your area code, others follow your lead and tie the knot.

And then kids begin to enter the picture. And once children arrive, forget it. Getting together to rehash the glory days takes a backseat to playdates, trips to Babies R Us and more importantly (and most rare) sleep. Friends enter the hazy realm of distant memory once occupied by the little you retained in 10th grade algebra.

So, pick up the phone and call, text or email that pal who mooned the waitress at your bachelor party. Sure, he may be getting set to go on the road to take Junior to soccer practice, but you’ll be glad you reached out. And he’ll be glad to hear from you.

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