Here's a different way to get into the Halloween spirit.

Why waste time with sharp knives and all that messy leftover pumpkin that can get on your clothes when you can just blast a pumpkin into a jack-o'-lantern with a few bullets.

You can do it in a few seconds, giving you plenty of time to saunter inside and start bobbing for apples.

Yes, gun control is a serious issue in this country, so some people are bound to be turned off by this, but there's no doubting this fella has pinpoint accuracy.

We're not saying you should go out and give it a "shot" (see what we did there?) because you don't want to be that buffoon who winds up shooting himself in the kneecap while trying to carve a pumpkin because then the story will get picked up and everyone will know you're a buffoon, which will probably ruin your Halloween when everyone asks why you didn't just wear your regular clothes and tell people you got dressed up as a buffoon.