‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, you could hear Grandpa yell “Waterfall” then “dammit I’m housed”.
The holidays can be pretty boring. You can only hear about Uncle Mort’s foot maladies for so long. We all make what I think is the mistake of compartmentalizing the type of activities we do with our drinking buddies and with our family members. Huge mistake! Yes, family members can get on our nerves, but so can our drinking buddies. Go hang out with your drinking buddies when you’re sober and they’ve been drinking. You’re going to wish you were speaking to your inebriated Aunt Agnes while she thinks you are her former high school sweetheart.
There are some unique considerations you must contemplate when engaging in drinking games with your family. Let's go over the pros and cons for each game, and then I'll give you some advice about playing with relatives. I think your holidays just got a little better. You’re welcome.
· Kings

Pros-This game takes no skill and family members can learn as they go.
Cons- Playing ‘never have I ever’ with family members. Keep it non-promiscuous, no one wants to learn about the sexual proclivities of their family members.
Advice- For some added suspense, put an unopened can of beer in the middle. Every time a card is pulled the person that pulls the card has to place the card between the tab and the can. The person you places the card between the tab and can that cracks open the beer has to drink the full beer.

· Beer Pong
Pros- Technically, Beer Pong doesn’t have an age restriction. Just substitute beer with soda and you can play beer pong with your 12-year-old cousin. That's not to say your Aunt and Uncle won't get pissed that you are teaching their son a drinking game.
Cons- The trash talk during these games of beer pong are going to be much more tame than you are used to hearing. You cannot tell any family member to suck anything.
Advice- Make sure your family members are playing with light beer. It’s a common rookie mistake to play with whatever is around. I made the mistake of playing with Newcastle Brown Ale for an entire evening. The side of my brother’s car will never be the same. Thanks for DD-ing, Tim.

· Flip Cup
Pros- The whole family can play at the same time. No one gets left out therefore no one’s feelings are hurt. You know how sensitive your Aunt Judy is.
Cons- The apology letter you are going to have to write your grandmother for cursing her out when she’s the perennial weak link on your team. Get your head in the game Nana!
Advice- Make the game interesting. In my family, half the holiday is spent trying to figure out who is going to do the dishes. Once the teams have been decided,  establish that whoever loses has to do the dishes, or whatever other pesky chore everyone is trying to avoid.


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