This week, TMZ reported that legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan is featured in a sex tape.

Vivid Entertainment claims the video features Hogan doing the "falls count anywhere" with an unidentified brunette. The woman is not his ex-wife Linda and not his current wife Jennifer.

While the sex tape is currently being shopped to several porn companies by a third party (most likely Eric Bischoff), we have compiled the top ten things rumored to be included in the Hulk Hogan Sex Tape.

At his age, it takes a lot more training, prayers, and especially vitamins to "Hulk Up."

  • We find out in the tape that his "24-inch Python" talk was grossly exaggerated.
  • Hulk wears a bandanna to cover his bald head, and so does the "Little Hulkster"
  • All of Hogan's dirty talk starts with, "Well you know, Mean Gene..."
  • She gets frustrated because Hulk only knows three moves.
  • As he "gets close" he begins to shake his head until he finishes by pointing at her and shouting "YOU!"
  • He confuses the girl because instead of her name, he screams "Brother!"
  • Much like his opponents over the years, he never lets her be on top.
  • When he says, "What'cha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild all over you?" She says, "Grab a towel."
  • When it's over, he says to her the one thing people have been saying to him for years, "That was fake!"