A buzzer-beating 3-pointer. A walk-off home run. A touchdown in overtime. They’re all exciting, but no one can capture the drama of the moment quite like this announcer.

The guy at the mic in this Finnish hockey league game goes batty when the goalie scores in a playoff game last week. And “goes batty” is an abridged way to say “completely loses function of his bladder and pops a few blood vessels” because that’s how excited he was.

We’d toss his call into Google Translate, but, really, we don’t know if “Aaerstihjsth svazh hsghs ahf gj dmnzs ghs jafbnta hfnah” or whatever it is he is screaming translates to English, or any other language for that matter.

A goalie scoring is rare, yes, but this guy needs to take it down a level or two...or a dozen. Do they serve Valium in the media room?

We can only imagine how bonkers he’d be if he called a Stanley Cup game. Actually, no we can't.