You know what beer pong needs? Lights. Lots and lots of lights.

Meet Canadian Jeff Nybo, a true visionary who has spent years making this inventive beer pong table that puts all the other beer pong tables in frat house basements to shame.

The table has lights galore, which is just perfect when the room is spinning and you're a point away from recycling all the Natty Light you've downed back up through your mouth. It also has a scoreboard because keeping accurate track of who's winning is most definitely the most important part of beer pong. And, last but certainly not least, it has a ball washer because, well, we don't have a funny comment. That's just ridiculous and cool all rolled together.

Let's make sure that scoreboard rings up one for Nybo because we'll give him a point for admitting "It's overkill for a beer pong table, for sure."

Nybo has worked on the table for years in his free time and is now peddling his hard work on Kickstarter where there are a variety of packages you can select going all the way up to $1,800.

Nybo has already sold a few kits, although he admits the table's price is a bit steep. "For an average person for a beer pong table, it's a little up there," he said.

Very true, considering the average person playing beer pong is a 20-year-old who's big purchase for the week is a 12-pack of PBR.