This kid looks like he's a few short years away from hosting an infomercial for the latest piece of exercise equipment you really don't need.

This boy in Jamaica shows he clearly has what it takes to be a trainer. He's all business, he's got a small group of followers in the background practicing what he's preaching and, most importantly, he's in shape.

He is to fitness what Musical Youth was to raggae.

This kid has us so fired up to get buff that we're actually considering putting down our plate of fried BeefaRoni and industrial-sized bottle of Jolt cola and doing a pull-up.

The real debate here is whether his words would be as effective if he had an accent that was from, say, Chicago or Jersey. Half of this kid's charm if that he's Jamaican and anything someone from there says will sound cool. Heck, he could probably read the ingredients on a tube of toothpaste and we'd be riveted.

Now, if he can just make sure to maintain this level of intensity when he's hawking the newest model of Bowflex in 20 years he'll be onto something.