The more you drink, the better looking other people are supposed to become, right? Right?

Japan's Suntory brewery is selling a new beer that does more  than give you a good buzz: the brewery says the more you drink the more attractive you'll be. That's because the beer, called Precious, is made with two grams of collagen in each can and collagen is good for the skin much like greasy cheeseburgers and fattening chocolate are not. Still, there is no actual science to back up the claim Precious will turn women into a Megan Fox or a man into a Channing Tatum.

Suntory has put out a commercial for Precious in which women drink the beer in the company of a man. Everyone seems to enjoy it, but an orgy doesn't break out or anything like that, so it doesn't appear to be a complete aphrodisiac.

This clearly sounds like a scam and we think brewers should focus their efforts on other necessary innovations. How about a beer that gets rid of your hangover? Or a beer that erases your bar tab? Or a beer that makes you lose your beer gut? These are the problems that need to be addressed. Come on, Japan!