Playboy's Miss April, Jaslyn Ome, is a 21-year-old East Indian, black and Caucasian babe. A California girl through and through, she loves all things ocean, and spends as much time as she can in the waves.

She toweled off for a few minutes to chat with us about a few of her favorite things.

So you grew up in El Dorado Hills, tell us what that was like!

El Dorado Hills is in Northern California, up past Sacramento and about 40 Miles from Lake Tahoe. It's a pretty small town; we share a lake with Folsom (Folsom Lake).There are lots of really nice houses and country roads; it was a really nice place to grow up! There's not much to El Dorado Hills, I think we have 3 grocery stores and a Target, now. We used to drive to Folsom to go to the mall or buy clothes, haha.

That's pretty different from LA -- Are you loving it there?

Yeah! It's a lot different; there's a mall around every corner. I love LA, the only complaint I have is the traffic --  we do not have traffic where I'm from! In LA I have to plan my day to either leave before 3 or after 7!

 You've been modeling since you were 14 -- how did you get your start?

My mom's friend owned a modeling management company. I guess sometimes those are scams, but we did it anyway, and I actually got signed with the top youth agency in San Francisco. I was doing stuff with them for a while, but it was pretty hard to get down there, since we lived about two hours north. After I attended Sacramento State, I moved to Hawaii and did a little modeling there, and sent my pictures to LA. I got signed down here and then I met Playboy, and now I'm in Playboy!

Awesome, so you went to the mansion and did the whole shoot -- Did you meet anyone that you really loved or who was really awesome?

I've become closest to Raquel Pomplin. She was Miss April last year, so this is her anniversary month. She's really funny; she was the first playmate I ever met. They're all really awesome; all the girls I've met so far have been really sweet and have great senses of humor, but I'm probably closest to Raquel.

Jaslyn Ome Playboy Free Pics
Playboy/Stephen Weyda

Tell us about your love of sharks.

I'm really intrigued by sharks, and I love the ocean. I really want to go cage diving! I have a shark tshirt and a real shark necklace. I had been wanting one for a while, and then I finally got it as a gift.

 That's awesome. Have you ever seen a whale shark? They're the size of a bus! I saw one at the Atlanta Aquarium once.

No, I really want to! I didn't even know they had them in aquariums. Did you know they have never recorded a Whale Shark giving birth, ever?

 Really? Maybe they have just always been there, since the beginning of time. What are your top 5 favorite things to do in the ocean?

I love exploring tide pools, swimming in the ocean, I like watching surfers, paddle-boarding, and...I haven't done this in the ocean yet, but I stand-up jet-ski on Folsom Lake, and it's so much fun! I want to try it on the ocean.

That sounds terrifying. If it were possible for you to pull a reverse-Ariel and become a mermaid, would you do it?

Oh HECK yeah, the Little Mermaid is on my laptop right now, I was just watching it.

Jaslyn Ome Playboy Free Pics
Playboy/Stephen Weyda

What's next for you?

As far as Playboy goes, I have something coming up on their app, so look for me on that. Other than that, I'm hoping I'll be traveling, and continuing to get my name out there. I'm sure you'll see me around and working for Playboy this year.

Congratulations, and thanks for talking with us!

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