It seems like most novelists are nebbishy hermits who'd rather talk about how the English language is "dead as we know it" as opposed to basking in the glory of being a professional writer.

In the case of erotica novelist Jillian Conley, she couldn't be further from the writer stereotype. Jillian is a credible source for the genre too as she's actually, well, hot.

As the sex pot herself says, "I promise there are not many 'young' women out there with good racks that write about sex. Google it. I dare you." We didn't Google it, but we'll gladly take her word for it.

The sexy author has penned two books, 'Main of Honor' and 'Dating Chase Walker.' The latter of which was her first true dive into erotica. You can purchase 'Main of Honor' and 'Dating Chase Walker' on Amazon.

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