Yesterday, all our troubles seemed so far away . . . but that was before a clip came online of John Travolta singing the Beatles classic 'Yesterday' at a hotel in Beverly Hills last night, accompanied on guitar by country star and 'American Idol' judge Keith Urban.

Okay, maybe that's not quite fair. As easy as it would be to make a joke about how 'Yesterday and Today' isn't the only Beatles butcher cover anymore, the fact is, the bizarre pairing of the actor and sometimes singer and the multi-talented musician was better than you might imagine.

The pair were both in attendance at an event for Qantas Airlines at the Montage Hotel when they apparently got the urge to merge (in the purely musical sense, mind you). Urban is obviously more than capable of handling the guitar parts and harmonies, while Travolta did a reasonably credible job with the lead vocal.

And though we hardly think Paul McCartney is trembling in his boots at the prospect of losing his job, the performance in the clip above is certainly a damn sight better than Travolta's recent Christmas offering with 'Grease' co-star Olivia Newton John.

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