Kelly Osbourne appears to have narrowly escaped the clutches of life as a rock n’ roll love child, and luckily for us, she has emerged a little older, wiser and definitely sexier than ever.

The charmingly infamous daughter of Black Sabbath lead vocalist Ozzy Osbourne recently got half-naked to show off her new, slimmer and incredibly-toned body for a photo shoot in Self Magazine. She appears on the cover of the May issue, on newsstands now.

When speaking to the magazine, Osbourne refers to herself as a “former fat person” and candidly discusses some of her overwhelming battles with weight loss. "I still call myself a former fat person, and when you're an FFP, you still see yourself as the person you used to be," she said.

Be that as it may, we’re certainly optimistic about the future of this young star since she appears to have scrapped her youthful desire to become a smart-mouth rock star, and seems to be focused on conducting her adult life with more class and a whole lot more sex appeal.

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