Sitting courtside at an NBA game is considered one of the true thrills of sports fandom. At the same time, parking your rump just a few feet away from the world's largest, fastest athletes does come with a certain amount of risk.

Just ask this poor (yet attractive) Phoenix Suns fan, who received a face full of basketball thanks to an ill-fated Kevin Durant deflection. Durant, ever the gentleman, rushed right over to apologize and console his accidental victim. To her credit, she shook the injury off like a champ, even managing to hold on to her drink. Unfortunately, she still had to watch the Thunder deliver a 97-69 spanking to the hometown Suns.

We're glad that the lovely lady is all right, but more importantly, just what kind of scam is Kevin Durant trying to run here? This isn't the first time that KD has used a fan's injury to score a little face-time. No wonder chivalry is dead.

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