What if real politicians were very open about their blunders?

New York-based comedian and writer Kevin Maher is one of our favorite funny guys, and this hot-off-the-presses video comes just in time -- listening to politicians can get pretty exhausting by October in an election year.

In his fake campaign video, Maher airs out his past, so his opponent doesn't get to expose him. Our favorite admission:

"I used tax dollars to buy a professionally trained fighting rooster who I named Al Jolson, and sent him to a fiery ring of death while wearing shoe polish on his face. That was wrong."

Picture it: Mitt Romney admitting to stealing a Snickers from Walgreens after overdrafting his bank account at a bar in college, or Obama fessing up to cheating on his 11th grade AP physics regents? Honestly, it might be a good strategy.

You've got our vote, Kev.