A man from India awed a crowd as he took 543 tons to his mouth, and pulled a massive cruise ship to shore using only his pearly whites.

This video makes our teeth tingle, but we’re guessing Krishna Gopal Shrivastava has pretty much lost all sensation in his chompers. What's more impressive is after he completes this unbelievable feat – the sensei hands over the reins to his student who also is able to pull the ship in.

Side note - the soundtrack alone really gets us in the heavy-object-pulling-with-mouth kinda mood.

We don’t know where they're getting their dental work done but we can't help but to feel a little jipped. All we get at the dentist is a lousy toothbrush, not super human abilities.

Makes us think we should start brushing our teeth with real toothpaste and swish actual mouthwash instead of Jack Daniel's.

[Via AOL]

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