When Kurt Angle joined TNA in 2006, it seemed like there might be a wrestling revolution in our midst. Seven years have passed, and while the company still exists, the uprising never came and TNA continues to tread water.

Angle has been a highlight for TNA during his stay, and he's one of the few former WWE guys who hasn't joined their Sons of Anarchy faction (Ace's and 8's). But even this Olympic gold medalist can't create a meaningful bump in the ratings for the organization.

Angle turns 45 this December, and he's had a long history of neck problems, so his time in wrestling may not last much longer. On "The Overtime with Grande & Max" show, Angle talked about his possible departure from the sport.

“If I said that, then I’d tell you the company I’d retire with… I’ll give you this, the picks would be between Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, or obviously John Cena or Dwayne Johnson. There are a lot of guys, I mean Dwayne comes in and out, you know? When it comes down to it, hopefully one of the guys comes down to TNA and I can retire there, but you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Sounds a bit like Kurt misses doing big pay-per-view matches. I don't even think it sounds like he wants to retire, as much as he just wants to work with all four of those guys at least one more time. Cena versus Angle could be worth a WrestleMania ticket on its own, and who wouldn't want to see Brock Lesnar break his neck attempting another Shooting Star Press on Kurt? Angle's little comment gets my mind racing in all sorts of different directions.

I know our American Hero didn't mention "The Show Off," but I'd like to see Kurt Angle vs. Dolph Ziggler. Those two in an iron man match would be epic levels of greatness.