Kylie Minogue is a 44-year-old...Yes, we said 44.

This Australian singer, recording artist, songwriter and actress has been around for quite some time now, and she still looks just as stunning as she did when we first heard her sing in 1987. If you don't know her first single, 'The Loco-Motion,' it's likely that you just woke up from a 25-year coma -- welcome back.

Before she was a singer, Kylie got her first taste of fame as a regular on the Australian soap opera 'Neighbors,' but these days she's moved on to the big screen. Kylie appeared in two movies in 2012, 'Jack and Diane' and 'Holy Motors,' in addition to embarking on her 12th concert tour.

She's definitely still kickin', and looking really good while doing it:

Getty Images

We also learned this week that Kylie has a secret; though her confidence makes her look like a tall goddess of the Amazon, Kylie is actually only 5'2"!