Wanna impress people at your next dinner party?

Strongman Chris "Wonder" Schoeck (how's that for a great job? "What do you do?" "I'm a strongman.") gives us the inside dope on how to do some seemingly impossible feats of strength, like ripping a phone book, tearing a deck of cards and bending nails.

Yes, you'll be the talk of that dinner party if you can pull these off, but, even better you can be the goon a loan shark totes around with him to scare people late on their payments. Seriously, if you see a guy bending a nail, you're going to think he can hurt you in ways you can't even imagine.

Does this video help? Can you now bend a phone book? More importantly, can you even find a phone book? Who uses that anymore, anyway? We're pretty sure the only reason phone books are still in existence is for people to show off their strength by ripping them up.