LeeAnna Vamp is a model, a self-proclaimed seductress and really into fangs.You know that girl in school that everyone always told you to stay away from? The one who was a bit too into scary movies, and wore black a lot?  Well, the joke's on you, because that girl grew up to be smokin' hot model LeeAnna Vamp.  Her photos on Twitter and Facebook scare us and make us sweat at the same time.

According to her website, LeeAnna Vamp is a nerd, and has the facts to back it up.  She quotes 'Star Wars' in her bio, which is enough to bring us to our knees. She also occasionally dresses like an Ewok, which pretty much is a new high for cosplay.

With an obvious penchant for films, characters and games in the horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres, LeeAnna Vamp is sort of like a modern-day version of Elivra, Mistress of the dark. Of course, Elvira never had a butt as firm as LeeAnna Vamp's backside. You could bounce a quarter off that thing (but you shouldn't; there are laws against it).

LeeAnna Vamp is one lady we wouldn't mind getting bitten by, but just gentle nibbles please, we're weak.