This kid threw down a vicious dunk only to find out the basket plays dirty.

Check out this boy's sweet dunk. Pretty nice, wouldn't you say? It's right up there with that 360-windmill dunk you used to show off on that KFC 12-piece bucket you turned into a hoop in your basement.

The only problem for our little friend here, though, is that his jam rocked so hard it made the entire basket move and come down on him while he celebrated like he just won the dunk contest.

The backboard nails him on the top of the head, totally killing the grandeur of his accomplishment.

We know colleges recruit players younger and younger these days, so while Coach K at Duke may be impressed with his dunk, you can bet he may also be concerned that he's showboating too much by not focusing on getting back on defense.

It's all about fundamentals, people.