You say you don't want to date a girl who's high maintenance? Be careful what you wish for.

College Humor has come out with this video, entitled "The Girl Who's Super Low-Maintenance," which, as you may have guessed, is about a girl who's super low maintenance. And we're not talking about a girl who doesn't care if you order Chinese or pizza, either, because she's cool with whatever. She's the gross exaggeration of a young lady who has no strong interest or opinion on anything, one who's about as riled up as flat Pepsi.

So, yeah, if you dream of a girl who isn't high maintenance, be careful about what you wish for. While it may be great not to date the girl who demands the gold and the silver necklace, demands you only eat at five-star restaurants and shivers at the mere thought of staying at a -- gulp -- Holiday Inn, make sure you keep in mind the alternative may not be so attractive.

Solution: be on the prowl for a medium maintenance. She's gotta be out there somewhere.

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