It's safe to say that Terry Richardson is living the dream. He gets to snap shots of the world's most beautiful women wearing next to nothing and sometimes he hooks up with them.

Such was the rumor when Terry captured Lindsay Lohan on film at the Chateau Marmont last month - a shoot that will go down as one of the sexiest in recent memory.

Then, over the weekend, the man with the ideal life plan, posted pics from his shoot with 27 year old media mogul heiress Lydia Hearst. All we can say is thumbs up.

This isn't the first time Lydia's shed her shirt and bra - she posed topless for GQ Italia in May 2009. May we say, this look works?

After Lydia and Lindsay's shoots, we have to think the Chateau Marmont is THE spot to bring a lady friend and a camera.


There's one more pic but it's NSFW. When the coast is clear, click here to view it.

Terry's first solo exhibition, titled, "TERRYWOOD", is currently on display at Los Angeles's OHWOW Gallery and will run through March 31st.

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