What happens when modern-day technology meets old-fashioned matchmaking?


Twenty-six-year-old Clay Skipper went onto Tinder with his mom, hoping she could help him find Ms. Right.

Yes, yes, we know. Having your mom come to your aid in the quest for love is at best Fiddler on the Roof-ish and, at worst, a reason to jump off a bridge, but it's also pretty entertaining.

Skipper, though, has no fear. He made a video and detailed the whole experience for all to see on GQ, proving the old adage that nothing bad can happen to a writer because everything is material.

Who knows, maybe this will start a trend. Your mom can go with you on job interviews. Your mom can call your landlord when your toilet is broken. Your mom can go to the supermarket to fill your freezer with Hot Pockets. Oh, wait. This already happens. It's called being a millennial.

Now that we think of the possibilities, maybe you don't need to go on Tinder because, let's face it, no one will ever be better than your mother, right? You know that's what your mother is thinking, anyway.