March Madness is in full-on, face-painted, trash-talking, ankle-snapping, buzzer-beating, swing. Unless you're 6'9" and play for Louisville, the only way you're going to the Final Four is to buy a ticket and make the pilgrimage to Atlanta or watch it on the big screen from your couch.

Either way, we've got 5 March Madness apps to enhance your Big Dance experience. Even if your bracket got busted in the first round. (Thanks Boise State.)

  • NCAA Sports

    Unless you're a corporate jag, scoring tickets to the Dance is almost as impossible as it will be for North Carolina A&T. But you can watch every game live, and get wall-to-wall coverage, on your phone or tablet with this app from NCAA Sports. There's access to news and video highlights of the games you missed, and social plug-ins so you can talk smack with friends who should know better than to pick Temple over NC State.

  • University Wallpapers

    Got Louisville to win it all, but don't have any gear to show you're behind 'em? You could head down to the local SportMart and pay through the earhole for a replica jersey you'll wear once, or you can use this app to download university wallpapers from over 60 schools to your iPhone, iPad or laptop. Pick your team and you're good to go. Better yet, download a few, that way you can say you've been a fan of [insert Final Four team here] for years.

  • FinderCodes

    Lucky enough to actually travel with your team to the Final Four? Got all your gear packed and ready to get fanatical down in Hotlanta? Yeah, you're gonna need FinderCodes. Before the trip, put a small tag on your jersey, luggage, cell phone, whatever. Then when you're drunk and celebrating and climbing up lamp posts, and leave your stuff on a barstool somewhere, the app can help you get it back. Unless you lost your shirt betting on Duke to win it all, that it can't help with.

  • PocketBracket

    Running an office bracket pool? Keep it Vegas quality with PocketBracket. Use the app to invite anyone to the pool, and it'll keep track of all your brackets after the tourney starts. It also automatically scores and ranks the brackets for each game, giving you more time to spend at the bar ordering another bucket of beers, and less time sifting through a mess of brackets. The only thing it won't do is send a guy to break fingers if Tom in tech support doesn't pay up.

  • Off the Hook Excuses

    If your team makes it past the Elite Eight, there's no way you're gonna be able to focus on getting the covers done for your TPS reports. You're calling in sick. And to help you come up with the perfect reason as to why your infirm ass needs to stay home instead of hauling it in to your cube, Off the Hook Excuses will give you a list of unique and (somewhat) believable explanations for your boss. Beats coughing into the phone and telling him you have a bad case of the Harlem shakes.