You thought the laughing clown head at your last round of putt-putt was intimidating? Try teeing off with a Tyrannosaurus Rex looking over your shoulder.

Palmer Coolum Resort in Australia just made the game of golf even better by adding a life-size mechanical T-Rex (nicknamed Jeff) to the course, between the ninth and tenth holes. Jeff is equipped with a motion detector, allowing him to move his head and roar whenever golfers are nearby. Club members playing socially are apparently allowed a “dinosaur mulligan” if the 26-foot dinosaur roars during their backswings on the 10th hole.

Palmer Coolum is hosting this week’s Australian PGA Championship. Tour officials showed they have no sense of humor by requiring the course to turn Jeff off and announcing that it will not hold any future tournaments at Palmer Coolum.

But Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, the new owner of Palmer Coolum, has already said that Jeff is just the beginning and that he plans to bring dozens of other such animatronic creatures to the resort.

In other words, he’s creating the Greatest. Golf. Course. Ever.

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