The WWE's new reality show, 'Total Divas,' will air on the E! Television Network on Sundays beginning July 28.

'WWE Total Divas' will provide a backstage look into the lives of seven ladies currently on the WWE roster, several of whom are in a relationship with fellow WWE employees. The drama is expected to unfold like any other reality show offered by the E! Network, but with a Vince McMahon-flavored twist.

Here's our look at the ladies of 'Total Divas'...

  • The Bella Twins (Brie and Nikki)


    Even before an episode of 'Total Divas' has aired, the Bella Twins seem to dominate the advertising for the show.

    Nikki and Brie Bella exploded on to the scene together as Budweiser's World Cup Twins in 2006, and they have been sharing screen time together since. When the Bella Twins weren't modeling, they were showing an interest in wrestling. They tried out for WWE's 'Diva Search' in 2006, but somehow failed to make the cut.

    By August 2008, The Bella Twins debuted on WWE 'Smackdown.' Brie Bella would come out for a match, and when things would get rough she'd roll under the ring, and Nikki would appear to finish the match.

    The twins' crafty ways have made them the most memorable act in the Divas division for many years, but it's whom they're seeing in their personal life that makes them the true stars of 'Total Divas.' Nikki is dating WWE champ John Cena. Brie is currently dating Cena's SummerSlam opponent, Daniel Bryan, who is known for growing a beard and screaming "YES."

  • Nattie Neidhart


    Nattie Neidhart, aka Natalya, is the longest tenured veteran on 'Total Divas.' She came up through the WWE minor league system with The Bella Twins, however she was there first, so she was on the WWE's TV programming sooner.

    Natalya has professional wrestling lineage that goes back further than the rest of all of these ladies combined. Natalya's father was the goatee-stroking Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart. She's also the grand-daughter of Stu Hart, known for his legendary 'Dungeon' training facility, and her uncles are Bret Hart, his late brother Owen and 'The British Bulldog' Davey Boy Smith.

    Natalya's personal life will be of interest on the show due to her recent wedding with fellow WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd. The two have long been linked professionally and personally, so their relationship could be a cornerstone of 'Total Divas.'

  • The Funkadactyls (Cameron and Naomi)


    'The Funkadactyls' may be a team on WWE television, but unlike The Bella Twins, these ladies have far different backgrounds.

    Cameron, or Ariane Andrew, may be the more recognizable of the duo, but not for a positive reason. She was the first contestant eliminated from the most recent iteration of WWE's 'Tough Enough', and she is known for foolishly claiming that her favorite wrestling match was 'Melina vs. Alicia Fox,' to which 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin replied: "Who?"

    Naomi was known as a cheerleader for the NBA's Orlando Magic. She was also a background dancer for the rapper Flo Rida, who has his own ties to the WWE. Naomi cut her teeth in the WWE's developmental system for a few years before making her debut alongside Cameron and Brodus Clay in January of 2012. She's slowly being given the chance to show her prowess in the ring as of late.

    'Total Divas' will give a look into Naomi's relationship with current WWE superstar Jimmy Uso, while also exploring the drama of these ladies' on-screen partnership.

  • Eva Marie


    Eva Marie is one of the two WWE newcomers who will be featured on 'Total Divas.' She's shown her athleticism while playing for the Cal State – Fullerton soccer team and her sex appeal while posing for numerous magazines.

    Eva Marie only appeared on WWE programming a couple of times. She debuted on "RAW" on July 1, as part of a segment featuring the rest of her lady co-stars. Eva Marie was also announced to be Natalya's 'protege,' and she was in her corner on the 4th of July episode of 'WWE Superstars.'

    Eva Marie and her fiance, Jonathan Coyle, will have a chance to make an impact when 'Total Divas' premiers on July 28.

  • Jo-Jo Offerman


    Jo-Jo Offerman is a relative unknown, especially for wrestling fans. She seems to be pushing the limits as the tiniest lady on the WWE roster. Unlike fellow newcomer Eva Marie, Jo-Jo Offerman doesn't come from an athletic background, but instead was an aspiring singer/dancer.

    It would seem that Offerman has the most to gain with her role on 'Total Divas,' as she's yet to truly make her mark elsewhere in the entertainment industry. She has a look all her own, but it's hard to tell what else she has going on.

    This beauty will be learning the ropes of the wrestling business right before our very eyes on 'Total Divas.' Jo-Jo Offerman might be the next A.J. Lee. Her climb starts Sunday.

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