Yesterday, a video of the super hot Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy went viral. Well her model friends weren't about to let her have all the limelight, and thank God for that.

Do we know what the Cat Daddy is? No. Do we care? We aren't really losing any sleep over it. All we know is that gorgeous bikini models the world over are doing the dance in super tiny clothes and that's enough for us to proclaim the Cat Daddy the greatest dance of all time. Sorry fox trot, it was only a matter of time.

As hot as it was to watch Kate Upton shake her puss, um, cat daddy around, Melanie Iglesias and Lisa Ramos have outdone her with the tag team action in this video. Plus, no creepy photographer guy in the video. The only thing that can top this is if Upton joined them in a follow-up video. Pants off, dance off! Everyone get in a circle!

Ladies, we want to learn how to Cat Daddy. Will you teach us? We'll just watch you first and hopefully catch on. Give us seven or eight hours.