Welcome to clothes class, with your special guest instructor Michael Fassbender. Today's topic: "Hard casual."

"Hard Casual" is a [made up] term used to describe the top tier of casual clothing; the last tier before you have to iron anything. Michael Fassbender is a H.C. master. Just look at him; he could have pulled that clothing out of his dirty laundry bag 5 minutes before getting on the red carpet, and he still looks cool.

We broke down his style, to help you never have to iron anything ever again. Because ironing is the worst.

Steal Michael's Style:

Jacket -- Uniqlo Premium Linen Jacket [$69]

Shirt -- ASOS Smart Shirt [$27]

Pants -- Uniqlo Slim Fit Straight Jeans [$49]

 Boots -- Kenneth Cole "Silver Line-ing" Boot [$129]

Belt -- Ted Baker Smart Leather Belt [$79]

Sunglasses -- ASOS Round Sunglasses with Peaked Brow [$20]