The world's favorite hurdler, Aussie Michelle Jenneke, is up to her old tricks again, this time causing a stir on social media with a funny picture of herself undergoing rehabilitation.

Jenneke, who rose to fame with a pre-race dance routine for the ages last year, shared a photo on Twitter that shows her icing a strained hamstring. Rather than being wrapped in bandage and ice as is normal for an athlete, Michelle instead uses a tiny ice pack all while lying in her running outfit on the leather sofa.

The humorous pic comes on the heels of a great deal of press coverage of Jenneke. A behind the scenes video of her photoshoot for the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has been seen by almost 70,000 people on YouTube, but that pales in comparison to the video that made her famous - it has garnered over 21 million viewings to date.

In another tweet, Michelle reassured her fans via video that despite her injury she will still compete in the Sydney Track Classic.

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