Little kids often find empty boxes more fun to play with than the actual toy or present that came inside the box. So when the Karpiuks saw their son Liam do the same one day after Christmas, mother Lesley got the idea to use all the empty cardboard boxes and create something much more awesome: the Millennium Falcon space ship from 'Star Wars'.

The project was one that intrigued both geeky parents, and they began working on it in January this year. They documented the progress made at every stage, until completion in April.

Although the paper mache and painting made a mess of their home, the Karpiuks's take pride in their creation (or re-creation). It makes for an awesome play thing for their son and not to mention the fantastic photo memories, even featuring their dog dressed up to look like a wookiee sidekick.

[Via The Karpiuks]