Like dining with the in-laws, watching Katherine Heigl movies and arguing over putting the toilet seat down, shopping with women is one of the necessary evils of a relationship.

You know the time-honored tradition -- a woman traipses through the mall trying on every outfit from H&M to Bebe, every pair of jeans from Lucky Brand to True Religion, every shoe from Easy Spirit to Lady Foot Locker, every piece of jewelry from Kay to Zales, and every whatever it is they sell from Bath & Body Works to Sephora while men wait around like bored puppy dogs, hoping their patience will be rewarded with sex at the end of the day.

Well, men -- now there's a community where other people can see just how difficult all this waiting can be.

It's a Miserable Men, an Instagram page that chronicles the awfulness all men endure while shopping with the fairer sex. Or, more accurately, suffering while the fairer sex shop.

Not even Kanye West is immune:

To be fair, we're somewhat surprised this is still a thing. After all, with the rise in online shopping, people don't even have to leave the house to buy anything anymore, which means women can surf Overstock, eBay, Pinterest and Shoedazzle while men sit in bed watching a wide variety of sports on any one of the multiple of ESPNs that are offered until women are so tired sex isn't even an option anymore.

It is all too real, though. So, grab an Auntie Anne's pretzel and wash it down with a Jamba Juice. These are the other men who prove you're not alone in the fight.