What's in a name? Oh, so glad you asked.

This is a video from 2013 of MMA fighter Danny Mainus. The fight itself isn't important. What is important is the announcer Michael Schiavello pronouncing his last name in such a way that it sounds like "my anus." And that, ladies and gentlemen, is not how you won't to go through life.

There are simple lines that take on a whole new meaning because they sound like, "My anus is relaxed here," "There is a cut on my anus" and "My anus could be in trouble." And there are loads more.

It's a scientific fact that the word "anus" will always be funny, so this compilation of all the times Schiavello says his name will make you laugh like a four-year-old who hears the word "poop." Even his partner gets into the act when he grossly says, "My anus is bleeding all over Chavez's chest." There's a visual, huh?

Mainus is currently 3-4 in his career, so clearly his anus isn't the only part of his body that's taken a beating.

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