Nothing can come between a hot redhead and her intense, burning love of chocolate, as the red M&M learned in the 'Devour' commercial.

He's thrown under the bus by his nemesis, the glasses-wearing, brown, female M&M, at a party. She introduces him to a chocolate-devouring chick who is anxious to take a bite outta his shell. Poor guy. Unless, of course, he's into the kinky stuff.

The commercial is amusing since it demonstrates the sometimes catty nature of women in meat market social settings, too, since there is a bangin' blonde who talks crap about the redhead chocolate fiend to the brown M&M.

So who are these M&M killers?

The blonde is Katrina Begin, who has appeared on 'Gossip Girl' and 'No Ordinary Family.' She originally hails from Minneapolis so she's all sorts of Midwestern and milk-fed. See more of her infinite hotness on Facebook.

As for her redhead counterpart, that M&M cannibal, she's Samantha Colburn and this is her official website. She's been on TV shows like 'Hart of Dixie' and in movies like 'Cessation.' She's also a Midwesterner, hailing from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.