There are cool moms and then there's this lady.

Avery Leilani's mother recently dropped her off for freshman orientation at Texas State. While Leilani went on campus to learn how to navigate her way around the school, her mom proceeded to become the biggest thing to hit college life since dollar pitcher night.

Avery's tweet, with nearly 450,000 likes and almost 100,000 retweets, says it all.

Another Twitter user had a similar experience with her mom, as well. If this is what happens at orientation, we can only guess what goes down when parents weekend rolls around in the fall.

As funny as this, it's gotta stink for the kids. It's one thing to always be compared to your older siblings when you're in high school, but it's a whole other kettle of fish to hear, "Is your mom Doris?" from other students when you're trying to make your mark on campus.

This woman has taken college by storm in a way not seen since Thornton Melon decided to enroll. We hope her daughter can keep up.

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